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As a condition of your vehicle’s warranty, you are responsible for properly maintaining your vehicle. To keep your vehicle up date when it comes to maintenance, we recommend one of our scheduled maintenance packages.

Schedule 1

Choose Schedule 1 if you regularly operate your vehicle under any or all of these conditions.

  • Regular driving in areas with dusty conditions, on rough, muddy, or salty roads.
  • Towing a trailer, using a camper or car-top carrier
  • Stop-and-go traffic in hot weather or low speed driving for long distances or extended amounts of time.

Schedule 2

Schedule 2 features 7,500-mile service intervals. Unlike Schedule 1 fewer maintenance items are checked or replaced with this option. Schedule 2 is generally for regular highway driving in temperate conditions.

Premium Maintenance Upgrades

Premium Maintenance upgrades are optional services that can be added to Schedules 1 or 2 when maintenance is performed on your vehicle. Choosing maintenance upgrades when applicable may optimize the performance, durability, reliability, and resale value of your vehicle. Premium maintenance items are available at every 30,000 miles or in 24-month intervals.

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